Patrick Hughes - three women

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COVID-19 and related government restrictions have kept us closed for almost an entire year. With no end in sight, we worked to bring Illusion Art Museum Prague (IAM Prague), the Czech Republic’s first museum dedicated to illusion and trick art, online for a global audience with a virtual tour.

We remain optimistic about the future, but we need your help. Your generous donations enable us to continue operating and keep our colleagues employed. Each donation of 3 EUR or more grants you access to our virtual tour and complimentary entry to our museum when we are able to re-open.

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Inside you will encounter illusion art in many different styles, some rooted deep in history, others contemporary and cutting-edge, from anamorphic installations which render renowned historical figures in unexpected ways to metallurgical painting, trick art, spatial illusions, and more spread out over three full floors in a historically-protected building. In addition to our fun and thought-provoking exhibitions, visitors can enjoy views of Prague’s iconic astronomical clock and the surrounding Old Town Square. Take this unique opportunity to see Czech history come alive from the comfort of your own home. 

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